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3 years, 4 months ago
First dev update, with a few videos showing the game running!

From last month the main updates have been relating to:

- Added game states flow and game views (main menu, in game, paused...)
- Splash screens when starting the game
- Linux support as been added and now properly works
- Main menu design, straightforward and simple for now

- First game logic resolution of the tile puzzles is now working with an initial difficulty (tiles can only go in one direction)

- A more advanced game logic where the tiles can be rotated on themselves and also rotate ... Read More →

3 years, 6 months ago
Shadow mapping is a well known technique which was first introduced in 1978 by Lance Williams.

It has evolved since then to a lot of different variations and tweaks to be able to run
at interactive frame rates, even though the foundation of the technique remains the same:

  • 1. Capture a depth buffer from the light point of view (commonly called a shadow map). The projection used in this step is important as it will influence the type of light you want to represent; a directional light is represented as a cuboid since all casted rays from the light are ...
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